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  • Brandt Greer

    I’m using the beaver brown flake. I’m really wanting the final finish to be the color of the flake. I’m painting the roof of my 74 f100. My question is what color base should I use under the mid coat?

  • Beatnickrick

    Question, I have never owned my own airbrush / compressor set up, If I were to use the Iwata kit you have with adapter
    what PSI do I want or max do I need ? And do you recommend any budget air compressors that would do the job well.

  • ScottRod Customs

    So, with the All-In-One rattle cans, I’m assuming you can’t cut and buff without getting into the flake? ALSO, when is the .008" flake coming in rattle cans!? I feel like you guys need some new content on your YT channel. It’s one of my favorite channels! Love watching sick flake go down!

  • Dustin Barnes

    I’m doin a schwinn stingray and using the rattle bombs for the 1st time.. any advice?

  • aIelRuQCJyrpK


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