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  • Beatnickrick

    Question, I have never owned my own airbrush / compressor set up, If I were to use the Iwata kit you have with adapter
    what PSI do I want or max do I need ? And do you recommend any budget air compressors that would do the job well.

  • ScottRod Customs

    So, with the All-In-One rattle cans, I’m assuming you can’t cut and buff without getting into the flake? ALSO, when is the .008" flake coming in rattle cans!? I feel like you guys need some new content on your YT channel. It’s one of my favorite channels! Love watching sick flake go down!

  • Dustin Barnes

    I’m doin a schwinn stingray and using the rattle bombs for the 1st time.. any advice?

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