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Roth's Origins

Dennis "Lil'" Daddy Roth & Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

It all started when the infamous Outlaw and Beatnik Bandit cars came back from the “World of Wheels” tour in 1963. Ed Big Daddy” Roth started painting the cars with metal flake the primitive way; wetting the cars and manually shaking flake through a shoe box, teaching Dennis “Lil Daddy” Roth along the way. Larry Watson gave Big Daddy a pressure pot to shoot flake out of and the rest is friggin’ history! Flake the world!

The Streetnik Bandit 2004

Roth Reborn

10 years ago Lil’ Daddy Roth’s wheels were spinnin’ as he worked on the Maxterion, a kustom build that he was creating at the time. He was shaping and grinding on plaster and thought about the good ‘ole days with his dad “Big Daddy” spraying metal flake in resin. What a cool idea to bring it back again and share with the world the positive intensity of metal flake! A quick phone call and into the picture comes Steve to lend a hand and make it happen! The rest is history with the product debut at the L.A. Fathers Day show, two magazine articles on flaking a car and also a lace and flake job too!


The Beatnik Bandit 1963


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