Metal Flake

The line that started them all!  

With over 40 colors and 4 sizes to choose from, we have all your Metal Flake needs covered. Choose Solid colors for that classy original look. For bass boat craziness, spray Monster size for the ultimate eye grabbin' sparkle! Our Standard size catches attention just as it did back in the 70's!  The Lil’ and Baby sizes offer a subtler, more elegant paint job. Try laying down some of the smaller Flake for coverage and then applying a larger size for a multi-dimensional appearance!

When you are ready to step out of the safe zone of the Solid colors, behold the Trippin’ line! With wild iridescent effects to abalone colors and diamond shapes, the Trippin’ line was meant for the bold pioneer!

Metal Flake is most commonly applied by mixing it in to Clearcoat or Intercoat Clear and sprayed on top of a Metallic basecoat. Regardless of what Flake you use, choose a similar colored basecoat for maximum coverage. However, this is by no means the rule!

Experiment! Lead the way in the Kustom Revolution!

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