Beatnik Purple

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RBK311 Beatnik Purple Kandy - 12 oz Can ( Shown Over Surfite Silver Basecoat)

Beatnik Purple Kandy is a transparent layer of paint that goes over a Basecoat/Flake to add depth and create a more vivid paint job. While this step is optional, this is where you can be the most creative as there are many Basecoat/Kandy combinations that can be achieved.

Shoot Beatnik Purple Kandy over Beatnik Purple Base and Beatnik Purple Flake for a Vivid Look, or over Surfite Silver Basecoat and Surfite Silver Flake for a Bright Look. Spray over a Basecoat of your choice, the possibilities are endless! Spray 5 Coats of the Kandy Rattle Bombs over an evenly applied Basecoat for the best results and a vibrant look.