2022 Holiday Sales Guide

❄️Save Big on your favorite products!❄️

Now's the time to stock up!
2oz, 8oz & 16oz Metal Flake on sale 15% off!
Our 8 Packs are included in this sale as well:
8 x 2oz Jars of our most popular colors OR your choice!

Rattle Bomb Kits are discounted for your next project!
Kustom looks with the ease of application and cleanup.
Also available individually for full custom potential!

We've got Pinstriping Kits on sale for every painter from newbie to pro!
Each kit is stocked with the tools you need to get started striping!
Mini Kits are great for the budding Pinstriper!

Add a Flake Bomber or Loose Cannon Spraygun to your cart
along with any two 2oz jars of Metal Flake and enter discount code:
BOMBSAWAY to receive both jars of flake FREE!

Purchase a 5 Liter Diamond Gloss Clear Kit and receive
an 8oz Jar of Surfite Silver Flake FREE
Choose from 4 Particle Sizes!
NOTE: Add 8oz Jar of Flake to your cart before checkout

"Lil Daddy" Roth's Pearl Factory comes in three different lines.
Solid Pearls boast a strong opaque color that gives a classy pastel look.
Diamond Pearls offer icy transparent tints and crystal clear sparkles.
Skitzo Pearls contain mind bending color change effects!
Spray all of our pearls over a Black or White Base or mix it up and experiment!

Our 10 Piece Nail Polish Kits are on sale.
Grab a pack for that special someone or grab a few bottles for your sweeties stocking!
4 Packs are also available in color themes or you can build your own.

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