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RBF108 Greasy Black Flake - 12 oz Can

HEADS UP! Greasy Black Flake is the most subtle flake color out there and at .004" in size (what is loaded in this can) it is quite subtle, like pepper flakes. Please note this before ordering. If you want a little more bang over a black basecoat, check our Surfite Silver or Spina's Black Powder Flake.

Greasy Black Flake contains Metal Flake in a clear mixture. For the best coverage, spray over the matching Greasy Black Basecoat or Skid Mark Black Basecoat.

If you wish to spray over a preexisting Basecoat, please note that the Basecoat should be 2-3 Shades darker than the Flake. A Metallic Base is preferable over a Solid Color, as this will help with coverage.

Do not use Rust-Oleum or other hardware store Basecoats in conjunction with Rattle Bombs.

Contact Us for advice.


Shown Over Skid Mark Black Basecoat 

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