Lil' Daddy Roth Rattle Bomb Nightshade Aerosol Base and Clear Kit

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This Kit contains the following:

  • Skidmark Black Basecoat
  • Nightshade All-In-1 Kandy Midcoat
  • Spray Max 2K Clear Coat
Your choice of Base will affect the overall color.

If you re looking for a wild look without all the steps and the cost, try our All-In-1 Rattle Bombs System! These All-In-1 Rattle Bombs go over a White or Black basecoat of your choice. After you spray em, all you need to do is lay down some clear! This All-In-1 rattle Bomb System combines the flake and kandy steps in one convenient aerosol spray, so you can have that deep, multi-layered look with some spare time as well!

The All-In-1 Rattle Bombs work together as a system with each product fulfilling a step:
  1. Roth Rattle Bomb Basecoat - Black or Silver works best
  2. Roth All-In-1 RattleBomb - Color of your choice
  3. Clearcoat of your choice

Here's how it works:

Detailed Steps

1. Prep

Make sure all corners and edges are properly masked off. Some people start off by wet sanding at 400 grit, and end up finishing it at 600. After wet sanding, wipe the car down with wax and grease remover, and let it dry.

2. Basecoat Layer

You must use a basecoat when shooting All-In-1 products, either a Black or a White.base (see sample image below). Gray is an option too if you want to get a look in between the white and black. If you really want to cut corners, you can even spray All-In-1 over a Black or White primer, bypassing the basecoat step completely, but we don t recommended it because some primers fade in the sun (All-In-1 s are translucent). Once the basecoat is dry, it s time for the All-In-1!

3. All-In-1 Layer

The All-In-1 s transparent tint can be a little challenging at first. It must be sprayed out evenly
in order for the color to come out uniform. Basecoats should be sprayed out even and smooth in order to avoid blotchy All-In-1 jobs. Do not panel spray! Try to shoot entire sides so the product comes out even on the complete area. 3 coats should do the trick!

4. Final Clearcoat Layer

The clearcoat is a clear, shiny layer of paint that s applied over the basecoat and All-In-1 layers. It protects the paint from UV and is necessary to make the paint shine. The basecoat/flake/kandy contain the color and the clearcoat brings them to life.

This is really as straightforward as it sounds. Metal flake and Pearl only pop when they re buried in clearcoat, so you need to spray an additional clearcoat over your product. Again, start at the top, and clear your work until all of the flake and pearl are buried in clear.

After you ve sprayed your final clearcoat, let it tack until it gets stringy, then pull off the tape and masking. Be careful! If you let the clearcoat dry on the tape, sometimes it will take off chunks of paint with it when you finally pull it off. So, save yourself the headache and unmask it when the clearcoat is still relatively sticky.

For best results, Roth Rattle Bomb aerosol cans must be kept warm. If you are in a cold weather area, be sure to warm up the can before use by placing it in a sink with warm water. Cold cans will cause blushing with a bad milky effect to the paint due to separation.

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