Lime Squeezer

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    WARNING: The Color has Limited Light-Fastness, it is prone to fading and should not be used on any projects that will receive prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.
      • Choose from 4 different Particle Sizes
        • RF115S Standard .015
        • LRF109 Lil .008
        • BRF109 Baby .004
        • MRF109 Monster .025
      • Solid Metal Flake gives the Classic Sparkle to your project
      • Use Sublime Green Basecoat for a suitable Undercoat
        • Temperature resistant to 350F
        • Solvent and UV resistant
        • Made in the U.S.A. 


        Roth Metal Flake can be applied with Roth Intercoat or Roth Diamond Gloss Clearcoat.