Limited Edition Tom Daniel Ghost of the Red Baron Red Chrome Glow Version 1/4

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1/4 Scale. LIMITED TO 3000 UNITS!

The story goes . . . that after the mad designer, Tom Daniel....dreamed up the RED BARON Show Rod, he began having midnight visits from the Baron’s ghostly spirit. Now all these years later....He’s BAAaacccK!  Only this time the ghastly apparition has a skull and beady eyes that glow in the dark!  On top of that...The Baron’s Chrome Spiked Helmet along with the Chrome Engine Valve and Chrome Iron Cross Base the spooky glowing skull bobbles on has morphed into an unearthly mysterious “Red Chrome” It is totally an astonishingly terrifying sight to see! When you are done building this kit the Glowing Ghost of the Red Baron will be haunting you in the night. Sweet Dreams! PLEASE NOTE THE GLASSES HAVE BEEN OMITTED FROM THIS VERSION!

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