Roth Metal Flake 8 Color Pack

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The perfect way to step into the realm of Metal Flake!

The Trippin' 8 Color Pack comes with 8 colors in the .015" and .008" size. Trippin' Flake is perfect when subtlety is NOT called for! With a crazy signature rainbow effect our Trippin' Flake is made for those outrageous projects that call for a unique, eye-poppin' style!

The 8 Color Pack comes loaded with the following colors:

  • Rothrageous Red
  • Uncle Bob's Blooz
  • Twisted Purple
  • Agent Orange
  • Mindsplitter (replaces Mustard Gas)
  • Acid Trip .008"
  • Snocaine .008"
  • See Sic Blue

If you want to substitute a color feel free to leave us a note in the buyer notes section at the check out!

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