Satagraph 4B Airbrush

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The SATAgraph 4 B Gravity Feed Airbrush paint gun comes with a SATA super grip trigger, which is a unique forward cut trigger with cross teeth. This allows for a comfortable and non-slip grip. Its crosscut reversible air cap tip allows air to flow away from the tip when it's close to the surface, thus painting with less turbulence than a standard tip. The nozzle shield is completely reversible too, making it easy for you to paint with the needle exposed to pick away tip dry. It also makes sure you don't lose the tip after removal.

The SATA S004B automotive airbrush has a Teflon coated trigger and rocker arm which creates a super smooth trigger pull, ensuring better control. The single piece trigger makes the process easier, and the airbrush more durable. The trigger set knob allows you to set the trigger pull to control the speed and angle of paint flow. It also has solvent proof O-rings on the front and the inside of the brush.

Key Features of The SATAgraph 4 B Gravity Feed Airbrush:

  • Gravity Feed
  • Dual Action
  • 0.4mm Detail Nozzle
  • Super grip trigger
  • Crosscut reversible air cap tip
  • Teflon coated trigger and rocker arm
  • Single piece trigger
  • Trigger set knob
  • Solvent proof O-rings
  • Affordable replacement tips and needles

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