VHT High Heat Basecoat
Flat Black

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From the VHT Website: https://www.vhtpaint.com/high-heat


Our high heat coatings are our toughest yet. Withstanding temperatures of up to 2000°F, we offer a variety of products for wheel, caliper, engine and chassis applications.


For Application with Roth Rattle Bombs:

Use the VHT High Heat Clearcoat on top of your finished High Heat Paint Job. This products are great for coating your engine, engine bay or other high heat parts that need protection from the heat. Our Rattle Bombs will be much safer going over VHT High Heat Primers and Basecoats and then topcoated with VHT High Heat Clear. The more VHT High Heat Coatings you use on your High Heat paint job the better!

Here is a chart that showcases where this product fits in with your Roth Rattle Bomb Paint job:


1. VHT High Heat Primer

2. VHT High Heat Basecoat OR Roth Rattle Bomb Basecoat

3. Roth Rattle Bomb Flake

4. Roth Rattle Bomb Kandy

5. VHT High Heat Clearcoat


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