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Check out our web series for Roth Metal Flake product tutorials and to get your fix of our Rothrageous culture!

Class is in session, don’t be late!

Roth Academy:
The Flakesaw Massacre

BASED ON A TRUE STORY A grisly account of a custom paint job gone...right? Behold the beauty of The Flakesaw Massacre!

Roth Academy Special:
Shades of the Night - "All-in-1" Nightshade Promo

 Nightshade kits can be found here!

Roth Academy Special:
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Angel Fink Build For Halloween

To celebrate the arrival of our Classic Models (and Halloween) we decided to build and paint the Angel Fink model (an Atlantis reproduction of the Revell classic)! In addition to acrylic paints for the details we used the following Rattle Bombs:

Roth Academy Special:
A Roth Metal Flake Halloween

We head to the Flakin' Shack to spruce up a Pumpkin just in time for Halloween!

Roth Academy Episode 5:
The Cadaver Cave

Dr. Skip finds himself in a pickle with his next patient, resulting in a massive blunt force paint job! Join Dennis "Lil' Daddy" Roth and Steve Tamer on a medical journey from hell to the depths of the Cadaver Cave!!! What will await when the paint hits the plastic???


Roth Academy Episode 4:
Trikes 'R Swell!

 Lil' Daddy and Crew take on a Roth knockoff Trike Body using the New Basecoats and Kandies from Roth Metal Flake Color Kraft line!

Color Kraft Tropi Cali Basecoat Quart x1
Lil' Tropi Cali Flake 2oz Jar x1
Trippin' Snocaine Flake 2oz Jar x1
Color Kraft Cherrie Pie Kandy Quart x1
Color Kraft Custard Pie Kandy x1
Diamond Gloss Clear Quart Kit x1

Music by Del Mar!


Roth Academy Episode 3:
Chopper Flake Theater

Lil' Daddy Roth and Steve Tamer give a quick and easy Rattle Bomb face-lift to a 1966 BSA Chopper. Helping them out is special guest Brent "Smudge" Matkin. A must see for the D.I.Y. chopper painter! Featuring Galaxy Grenade Pearl from the Roth Pearl Factory line along with some Purple and Blue Kandy and of course Metal Flake in between!

Products used:

SEM Self Etching Primer Gray x1
Rattle Bomb Avalanche White Base x1
Rattle Bomb Galaxy Grenade Pearl x1
Rattle Bomb Beatnik Purple Kandy x1
Rattle Bomb Surfite Silver Flake x1
Rattle Bomb Bad Azzz Blue Kandy x1
Spray Max 2K Clear x1


Music by Del Mar!


Roth Academy Episode 2:
La Musica

Watch the flake heads jam out with a special guest in their mariachi best and do an awesome pearl job on a fender stratocaster! Featuring Avalanche White Base and C­Foam Pearl, learn how to paint your guitar body on a budget without it looking that way!

Products used:

Matrix Wax and Grease Remover x1
Pro-Form Glazing Putty (quart) x1
SEM High Build Primer White x1
Rattle Bomb Avalanche White Base x1
Rattle Bomb C-Foam Pearl x2
Spray Max 2K Clear



Roth Academy Episode 1:
Rattle Bomb Basics

The one and only Dennis “Lil' Daddy” Roth gives you the dirt on the basics of shooting Rattle Bombs, joining him is Steve Tamer of AB Supply. Watch as they embark on the first episode of our tutorial series and transform an ordinary tank blank into a paint job fit for your sportster tank!

Products used:

SEM High Build Primer Gray x1
Rattle Bomb Surfite Silver Base x1
Rattle Bomb Surfite Silver Flake x1
Rattle Bomb Cherrie Pie Kandy x1
Spray Max 2K Clear x1


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